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Google assistant is artificial intelligence. It works like a robot. It is a very interesting app. Most of the people don’t know they have a magical app on their phone. It is a virtual assistant developed by Google. It is available on the mobile and smart home device. The company’s previous virtual assistant, google now. Google makes such an app the name is google assistant. it’s work just like a robot.

You can get all information by google assistant even that can help your smart home control. You can know all of the information what you want by the app. You can talk to with your assistant anywhere, anytime. Just you say “ok google’’. When you say “ok google’’ google assistant will be started. Then you say and make a conversation.

Google assistant apk use and download for android

What is google assistant:

Google Assistant is artificial intelligence. It is one of the virtual assistants. It’s just like a robot. You can talk to with the app anywhere, anytime for free. Just you need an internet connection. It is a smart home controlling system. You can make a conversation with google assistant. The google assistant can answer your question with a soft voice. The google assistant voice is very well. The google assistant can remember that you speak. And you’ll be able to know when you want. You can make conversation two way:

1. Talk

On your smartphone, I phone, I pad, open the app. Choice an option to say:1.say “ok google’’ 2. “hay google’’ Ask any question.

2. Type:

On your smartphone, I phone, I pad, open the google assistant app Tap Keyboard Eater a question or sand.

Are you thinking about what you ask? You can ask to gate ideas, what can do you, just ask your assistant.

What you need to use google assistant:

First, you will need a phone or tablet to use google assistant. Besides, you will need

Android 5.0 or higher.

Google play service

Google app 6.13 or higher

1.0 GB of memory

Sate a language from language listed above.

How to use google assistant:

Google assistant activated hold on the long-press home button or home icon of your phone. If you want to use google assistant app, first you need an internet connection. Than setup google assistant. Than setup google assistant in your long press home button. When you press the home button you will get a speak icon. First, you speak “ok google’’. When you speak “ok google’’, google assistant ready to your all answer to your question. Anyway, if your phone is locked, this might not work. Supported language: you can use many languages on google assistant.

Android of tablet available many languages. The google assistant available in chorines, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesia, Italian, Japanize, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai

and Turkish even more language is coming soon.

features and operating system:

App name: Google Assistant

Developer: google

initial release: on May 18 in 2016.

written in: C++

Operating system: android, chrome os, iso, kaiso, phone, and Nokia 8110 4G.

Platform: android, google home, were so by google, android by google, chrome os, google allo.

Type: virtual assistant


The google assistant first lunch on May 18 in 2016. When was lunch the google assistant most of the people don’t know what is google assistant? But now a day’s most of the people of worldwide know what is google assistant. Day by day increase its users. It such a virtual assistant that is a well virtual

operating system. We can’t believe what we can by google assistant. You can talk to google assistant anywhere, anytime, you can share your filling with google assistant. Even you can get any information what you want from google assistant. besides you get to listen to music, watch movie, song, and want to know your location. It will help you to get all the information worldwide. Just say “ok google’’. And ask

what you want. Even you can set a smart morning alarm. The smart morning alarm feature is very fantastic. Besides, you will control some smart home device by google assistant.

Google Assistant for PC:

Now time is talking to how to use google assistant for pc. If you read the part of the article, you want to know how to use google assistant on pc. So let’s start. since before a few months ago, we use google assistant by smartphone android 6.0+. but a few days ago google lunched google assistant SDK. Which allowed by any platform. Today we will show here how to use google assistant on your windows. If you want to use google assistant on your pc, you need an app for using. This name is python. You will use google assistant on your windows by python app.

Google Assistant for iPhone or iPad:

Can we use google assistant by iPhone? Yes, we can use google assistant on iPhone or iPad. Those who are using iPhone, iPad this news is a surprise for them. It’s a big opportunity for iPhone users. You can use it on your android, windows, including iPhone. You can use google assistant on your iPhone like an android. It’s using very easy. The google assistant being updated day by day. Google ads more new features day by day. After a few years about all of the people may use this app.

Conclusion: Now the time is technology. Increase much other technology Day by day. Now this time we can’t think without technology. One of the technology is a mobile phone. About all of the people use a mobile phone. We can much work by mobile phone. All of the phones have a google app. Google makes a smart artificial intelligent for these users. It is work like a robot. This name is google assistant. We have

provided here much information about google assistant. Do you have any question of google assistant? If you have any question of google assistant, just comment on our inbox. We will try to provide an answer to your question. Please share the article with your friend and family member. Thanks for the stay.

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