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 Google duo is a video calling app. The google duo has been created by google team. It is initial release on aught 16 in 2016. This is one of the special video calling app. The app works with all version android phone including iPhone and windows. You can make a high quality video calling by this app. This is a free video calling app. If you want to use this app, just you need an internet connection. Don’t need any cost for using this app. It’s use very easy like others video calling app. This app makes a best video call from others video calling app.

You can make a video and audio all by this app. You may be use many video calling app for android but this app is very special for video calling. When we make a video calling by other video calling app like Imo, what’s up others, we face many problems. That’s why google make a special video calling app this name is google duo. If we use google duo, we can solve all problem. This is really unlivable video calling app. Video quality is very well with a soft clear voice. Google duo video quality is in 720p.

Google duo apk features and download

What is google duo:

Google duo is mainly special video calling app. This app developed by google. It is available on the android, iPhone, and windows and smart display. You can make a video or audio call anytime, anywhere for free. If you have an internet connection of a google duo account, you can connect with your friend and family anytime. It also many features. One of the best feature is high quality video. The video quality is in 720P.


File name: google duo

Developed by: google

Seller: google LLC

Category: social network

Size: 128MB

Supported language: English, Danish, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Finnish, polish, Turkish Dutch, Arabic, French, Czech, Japanese, spinach,Portuguese, Garman, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Norwegian, Swedish.

How to use google duo:

The video calling app google duo is use very easy. If you read the part of article, you will be clear how to use google duo. We providing here all information how to use google duo. If you want to use google duo, first you need an internet connection. Than you download google duo. You can download google app from many ways. The best way from google play store. The app available in google play store. Besides you can get the app google duo official website, 9 app others side. If you already download this app than you will instill the app. When will complete instilling open the app. Gate a sing up position. When you sing up, you will gate a verify code on your device. To connect you google account tap agree. If you already have a google account, sing in with the same account to finish setup. Verify your phone number. Duo will sand a verify code on your device by SMS. If you don’t gate the code, tap resend SMS. When you verify your number you get an account. You can connect or removed this account anytime.

Why you will use google duo?

As google duo is a video calling app, mainly you use this app for video calling. This video calling app is a special video calling app and it’s easy to use. Even it has many features and have so much opportunity from other video calling app. As you are best video calling app, you can use it. Knock features: it has a new feature this name is knock feature. You can see a preview who is calling you. If you are now see call, you will get a little notice that says who was call you. Android and iPhone user will be able to use this feature. If you want, you can disable knock feature. Even you get a block option. You can block any people from calling you. Low light mode of darkness


you will get a new feature of google duo. This feature is low light mood. You can call by darkness mood. Right now this feature is not available. But don’t warry. The feature is upcoming. Google added the features as soon as possible on google duo. Video c calling system: any time you can open google duo. When you open the app, you will see a camera video call baton on this screen. You can scarce any number/name for invading. Those who are using google duo, you can have invited you. So, you can choice a number for calling than hit the video calling button. You can audio and video call by this app.

Group video call system:

can you do group video call? No, this app is one to one video calling app. This features not available in google duo. The google duo could have added this feature. But don’t worry, this company can be added the group calling feature. Voice call: you can make a voice call by this app. Beside video call you can do voice call. The google voice call in available in worldwide of duo user. Calling without duo: You can make a call direct from dialer. If you want, you can make a call without duo. If you want to use it, open the dialer app tap to contact number. Then hit duo video or voice call. Send voice and video message: this is one of the new feature of google duo. Voice and video message in available in google duo. You can send voice and video message without calling anywhere, anytime. You can record message up to 30 seconds.

Conclusion: right now this video calling app is best in worldwide. This user increase day by day worldwide. we have provided most of the information of google duo. If you want to any information of google duo, just comment our inbox. We will try to provide. Even we will provide on here all of latest information of google duo. Please, share this link. Thanks for stay.

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