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 Generally, google news is a news aggregator app. This app developed by google. If you want to know about google news app, this is one of the right place. We will provide here all of information of google news including what is google app, how to use it, who make this app, review, and features. Just read the full article. Krishna varot first said about it. The google news system first lunched in September 2002.

The google make a google news app for users. User can easily read all news that’s why google make google news app. The google news app available in 127 countries. This app opens for iOS users. This app available in android, iPhone, windows. And if you want you can read google news by web.

Google news apk features and download

What is google news

Google news site Now available google news app. The google news app is easiest way to read news. It is an artificial intelligent. Those who want to read news on online the google news for them. Most of the people don’t have time to read newspaper long time on the set that’s why google make an app this name is google news app. You can get all of information of worldwide anywhere, anytime by this app. You will get all update news of worldwide every moment. You can get any information easily what you want.

The google news app has four section to read. When you open the app you will get a `for you’ section that has five top news. Beside you get a mix of global headlines, new development story, local news. you will get top story of worldwide. even have an additional section you will get their diffident topic news like sports, technology, sports etc.

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How to use google news app:

This time know about how to use Google news app. The google news app use very easy. This app use for free. Just need an internet connection. If you have google news app, just open this app. The home page you will get some top news by for you option. Have a scarce quarry. You will get all of information of worldwide what you want. You selected your country or language. You can change your country or language. You will be able to get all of information of worldwide. go to scare quarry right and hit scarce icon. You will get your news item list.

How to download google news app:

 You can download the app very easily. You can download the app many ways. You will get the app on google play store, google news official page, 9 app etc. the easiest way from google play store. First you need an internet connation. Than you open google play store on your device and scarce google news. You will get an app. Click app and hit to download icon. After downloading you will use the app. Most of the people like to read newspaper. From teenage to old. Middle age of people like newspaper so much. Now time is technology. We use many technologies. The google make such a technology we can get all news of worldwide by this app like newspaper. It is easiest way to know all news of world.

You can get all of news like technology, politics, sports. You will get all news every moment what happened in world wide. You will be able to read news and share news on others social media. On the app have all current affair. So this app is very help full of us. If you use google news app, you can know sitting in your house what happened in the world wide. Besides you can gate news pictures, videos etc. it’s connected to YouTube. You can watch news video by this app.

Some information:

App name: google news

Developer: google

Type of side: news aggregator

Registration: no

Available in language: 35


Lunched: in September 2002

App price: free

The google news app has supported 35 languages in 45 countries. We are providing here list of language. Bangla, Arabic, Cantonese, Bulgaria, Chinese, Dutch, Czech, French, English, German, Hebrew, Greek, Hinde, Hungarian, londonesian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Malayalam, Norwegian, polish, Rumania, Portuguese, Russia, Serbian, Swedish, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Day by day decrees languages. After few years all of country language may be available in google news app.

Google news for iOS, apple users:

The google news app for android it available on google play store. If you are iOS, apple user, don’t warry have a solution. You can use google news app for iOS, apple. You will get google news app on app store for iPhone. Day by day google improve their news app and added latest features. The google news being favorite news app to people mind. So you read and watch news and share news .Google news app for personal computer: right now, the google news app available in computer. Some of the people want to use google news app by pc. That’s why, google news added the features. If you are computer user, you will be able to use google news app on your pc like android.

Google news for android:

About most of the people use android phone. Manly google news app made for android. All android user can to download google news app easily from google play store or other site. The google news app added more features every update time. Just instilled the app on your android phone and enjoy the app. If you have this app update vibration you can gate more opportunity.

Conclusion: Basically, we know the google news app for get news. Google give us all news of worldwide by this app. If you are not a google news app user, now download and use. You will get all news of world include our country. If you want to any information of google news, just comment us. We will response as soon as possible. Share this article with friend and family. Thank you.

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