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There are so many video chat service you can found in android, ios or windows phone. Imo is such kind of video chat service by which you can connect with friends. Imo is the most popular app for video chatting because of some other extra feature. This Impressive feature helps to the user contact with others by several ways. All of you know that imo lost its ability to interface with Skype in 2013. Now they rebranded their company and add some extra feature with video chat.

Imo app features and free download

What is Imo:

Imo is basically a video calling app that help to make connection with friends, family and social issues. A groups of people can joined with each other by using it. Besides it has text, audio calling option that’s why you can use it which you want. A lot of sticker for text messaging, good sound quality in audio calling and HD quality of video make it more attractive to the user.

Here is Imo facts statistics:

  • websites of imo is
  •  It’s founded in 2007.
  •  The headquarter of Imo in Palo, Alto, CA
  •  According the last update notice in 03/17/18 about 200 million users of the imo social app around the world.
  •  More than 500 million people download this app and this report exposed very recently.

How to download the Imo app:

It is very easy way to download the app in your usable device. The application you can download from iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad, the Google Play Store for Android devices, or the Microsoft Store for Windows Phone. In this technological world which phone you are using that is not big issue just go to the app store and download the application.

How to use the application?

  • First of all you need to open the application in you device.
  • Here you need to insert your phone number. For example, if you have an iPad just enter your cell phone number.
  •  Tap next icon
  •  You need to verify your account. Imo sent a verification code to your phone number. Enter the code correctly.
  •  Now enter your name if asked and then you need to tap Get started.
  •  Here you can use a profile image but if you want you can do it later.

Not only Imo can be used in Windows or MacOS computer. Here is some other formula that you need to follow.

  • Open the app and enter your phone number that you will saw space provided by the application.  Then click on Agree and Continue.
  •  Like a smartphone device here you need to verify your account by using code.
  •  Give the code and hit Enter button on computer.

Basic feature of Imo:

 Imo is very easy and clean way to make video calling. Besides this imo includes some other extra feature that make it’s more popular.

  • Video and audio calling system: Imo includes both video and audio
  • calling facilities. By using you can share your moments by face to face conversation with your family and your close friends. This video chat you can make by using your device data or Wi-Fi. Not only this you can also make free audio call like phone calls. Just invite to your friends and contact with them with very short of time. Distance doesn’t matter in Imo because you can call them in each corner of the world.
  •  Text messaging system like messenger: Text messaging is also interesting way to connect others. Here you will get some interesting sticker that you will use in the time of messaging.
  •  Files, videos and photo sharing: Student and business people sometimes need to share important files. Not only this you can also share photos and videos in funny moments sharing.
  •  Group chatting system: You can also create a group and transfer files, photos, videos as you want.
  •  Conference calling and chat via browser.
  • Privacy system: Imo also includes privacy system that’s why you can share your moments with full of safety. When you give or take some messages, video calls, audio all the data are encrypted. So only you can see your information.

Besides this in future Imo application try to include more opportunities as a result people can use this frankly. For example: network improvements, call improvements.

Released apk: Google news, Google duo

File information of Imo:

– Imo application released on July 17, 2010.

– The company name of Imo application is

– This app last updated on February 1, 2019.

– Version: 9.8.000000011461

– Download size: Only 8.29MB

– At present 5,00,000,000+ download Imo app.

– Device: Android, iOS, windows phone, MacOS computer.

– Network supported: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi.

– In-app purchase: BDT 80.00-BDT 17,000.00 per item.

Video chat and enjoy your moments:

When you thought a video chat first of all Imo come to your mind. Because the app continue its journey from 2010. When you want to make a video call you can do this.

– Search for the contact friend or group to call, or browse the list.

– After that just tap or click the contact or group to open a texting window.

– Lastly select the video button from the window to start a video call.

Imo for Android:

Imo application mostly used in android smartphone. If you are an android user, you can found the app on google Play store. Download the app after verifying use the app as you want.

Imo for iOS, apple user:

You can also use the application on you apple phone. App store keep this app where you can download it. So many years have gone but still now the stay to people mind. All the time Imo application try to give the best service to their user. Day by day they try to include more facilities into their application. So enjoy video calling and share your moments and thankfully stay with Imo application. Thank you.

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