Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Download Latest Version

A lot of people at the present time are spent their time playing games. So they always try to find out the most beautiful and attractive games’ that they can easily spend their time with lots of happiness. Minecraft pocket edition apk such as a game that included all the beauties. The games have so many versions. We know that the different types of people in this world. Some people are like adventure type things whereas some people like to take challenges’. Some people like creative things and some people like natural beauties. The games included all the things for different people. So, which type of people you are that is not a problem, all the beauties you can get here.

Some people are like adventure type things whereas some people like to take challenges’. Some people like creative things and some people like natural beauties. The games included all the things for different people. So, which type of people you are that is not a problem, all the beauties you can get here.

At the present time, Minecraft Pocket Edition apk is one of the most popular games in the world. People of all ages who are an android user and personal computer users loved the games very much. Most of the teenage boy and girl main users of these games. The games are easy to play. There are so many easy rules make the games most attractive

Minecraft Apk Download Latest Version

Short History of Minecraft Pocket Edition apk

Minecraft games were first introduced in 2011. It is sandbox video games that were made by Swedish game developer Markus Persson. Basically it is a 3d based game that allows players to build with various types of blocks.  A report published in 2019 that exposed the popularity of these games. Almost 176 million copies across all platforms sold around the world. So this game is considered to be the greatest game of 2019. According to the report of 2018, the game has 91 million active players all over the world.

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More information:

  • It is developed by Mojang (Xbox game and Sony computer entertainment.
  • Tow parson design the game and they are Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten
  • The released date was 18 November 2011.
  • It can be played by single and multiplayer.

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition apk

A lot of crafters have made billions of blocks. So you can easily join the games.  The games are available in both pc version and android mood. The most interesting feature made the games more attractive to the game lover. You can play the game in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep through the world survival mode. The not only single mode you can create and explore with other friends by using android or windows 10.


You can easily find out the latest community creations through several marketplaces. Here you can get a lot of unique maps, skins, and texture packs.

Slash commands availability:

Another interesting thing is that you can give items away, summon mobs and change the time of day. Here others opportunity is also available.


You can customize your experience and knowledge for further time with free Add-Ons. If you’re not enough knowledge you can modify data-driven behaviors in the game to create new resource packs.


The most attractive thing about the Minecraft Pocket Edition apk is Multiplayer. You can play with 10 friends at a time. Not only this you can enjoy the games on the same platform anytime, anywhere on Realms by your own private server. The server is host by the Minecraft Corporation. They also give the opportunity of a free 30-day trial. So at this time you can get proper knowledge about the games. By sharing your experience with your friends, all of you can play at the same time.

Server’s availability:

The game has so many multiplayer servers. So, Join free massive multiplayer servers and enjoy the game with thousands of minecraft Pocket Edition apk lovers. Through it, you will be in a community and you can easily play the game by sharing your opinion experience with everyone. Competition with different people will increase the interest in playing your game much more and you can gain a lot of knowledge from there.

File information of the minecraft Pocket Edition apk:

The game is mainly played in personal computers but But with the end of it, the Android version has gained a lot of popularity.

Minecraft Pocket Edition apk last updated on July 9, 2019.

The size of the game varies by different devices.

Minimum Android 4.2 need to play the games and it also supports an updated version of the android.

More than 10,000,000+ downloads still now of the games.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Current version of the games is

BDT price of the game is 80.00 and BDT 4,100 per item. The price of the game can be updated.

Mojang who offered the game for the Minecraft Pocket Edition apk game lover.

Minecraft for the PC Version:

Here talking about the Minecraft that is one of the most popular games in recent times for personal computer users. Windows 10, 8,  7 iOS,  Mac or Linux all the version has supported the games.

  • The game offers a series of feature which you can modify the outcomes of the later.
  • The own virtual world by using building blocks.
  • Survive mode through the right creature with your own armor.
  • Independent version including different genres, action, adventure, platform, and building.
  • Opportunity to create a building, mountains, forest and so on.
  • More than five game modes with lots of difficulties and that is Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator, and hardcore.

The Windows version of the application is 1.4.2.

Almost 1545509 people around the world downloaded the application.

Publisher of the windows version is Microsoft corporation.

License model is Shareware

The English language is used for all the activities of this application in the windows version.

The release date was 29 May, 2018.

Minecraft for iOS:

There are a lot of people around the world mainly developed countries used the iPhone. The games also reserve the opportunity for the i- phone user. The game can play very simply on i- phone.

File information about iOS version:

The updated version is 0.14.1

Total Downloads of the application about 92448.

Publisher of the iOS version is Mojang

Paid license model used here.

Language is English

The release date of the iOS version was 04 May 2016.

If you are an android or personal computer user not waste the time. Download the Minecraft Pocket Edition apk game Or PC version and enjoy these games right now. I hope you like these games very much. Thank you.

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