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Google Play Store has released the best list of apps in the 2018 list of apps new movie, TV shows, app and others. PUBG Mobile has won the best Games of 2018. This year, the customer favorite category has started in the first Google Play Store awards. This year, the customer favorite category has started in the first Google Play Store awards. Recently, Amazon has announced that it will start selling PUBG for the PS4 on December, 4. The first person shooting game that can be played on all major gaming platforms when the PS4 released on PUBG.

PUBG mobile Apk rules and tips

 Players Announce Battle Ground has already been a great hit worldwide. A recent report revealed that in the United States only 3.5 million players of PUBG. Most of the players of this game played from Android devices. A few days ago, the company has announced that the total number of PUBG games in the world is between 10 million in Android and iOS. In May, 10 million players started playing this game every day, according to the report. Recently, the company has said that in less than four months, every day and 1.4 million people played the game.

What is PUBG:

There is no end to many curiosities to know about PUBG mobile Games. Because it is the most popular video games in all types of games at the present time. This is an online and multiplayer battle game. It is created and well-organized by the Public Corporation that come from the hands of a South Korean Blue Hole Video Gaming Company. This game was created by Brendan, whom is known by “player unknown & and another person is Greene. This game was released through Beta program for Microsoft Windows in 2017.  Later this game is completely released in December 2017. 

The PUBG mobile Game was published by PUBG Corporation but was in charge of all its operations in the Brandon Grin. Tom Salty was the music writer of this game. In the game, 100 players play parachute on an island and fight themselves with various weapons and survive up to the end. There is several equipment to be collected from the map. The size of the velocity of the map is shortened over time, for the players to meet each other to fight. The person who lives as a last man standing in battle with himself the winner of the match.

Windows and iOS in both versions of this game released in China through Ten Cent Games. This game is one of the highest-selling games of all time, until June 2018, all platforms sold over 50 million. This game is a player versus player of war, where hundreds of players fight against each other. A large number of people are ready to die for war on the battlefield and to fight for survival. Players can play the match together or have a small offer of 4 people. Many rules and graphics have made this game very vivid. Some rules of this game appear below.

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 Short type of rules of playing PUBG games:

There so many rules of playing this game. If you follow some rules carefully you can play the game very easily and win the match. So let’s talk about.

1. Take care of the drop-downs location: As the planet trajectory, you have to first select what to drop on the map. Before dropped is where the battle is in the map and try to drill in the place where the map is empty. First, you will not find anything to be loot in the quiet space, but learn how to survive from the first place down from plane in the game.

2. Do not be afraid to test busy drop points: Get away from the first battle points as far as you can and land. Then, how to survive in the game, gain control before that. But at the time of the game you have to face the war, so the first time to learn the Landing. Watch and watch who is playing where to play. Then use your intelligence to slowly move yourself in the middle of the map where the war is going on.

3. Be aware of looting: Looting is one of the main components of this game. Routine is one of the main components of this game. Remember, looting is a skill and you have to learn how to  apply it correctly. While loading, it should be loaded very quickly and should not be lengthened at the same place.

4. Find a partner or join squad: If you find a partner playing with him or playing in a squad there. It will help to know more about this game.

5. You need to proper use the time while playing the game: This is a game where you will be shooting in the opposite direction and do not think it will be the winner. For the right use of time, many people die faster in the game and many can stay in the top ten list after the match.

6. The sound should be of the utmost importance: The sound in this game is very important so you have to play using the headphones.

 7. Zigzag Run: If someone fires at you in the game, then behind the object in the surrounding object, take the cover and you have to survive. Never play straight on the line while playing the game use the Zigzag line.

PUBG file information:

– First introduced in Mar, 2019.

– Offered by Tencent games.

– Version 0.12.0

– Updated on Apr 11, 2019

– Download size 1.86 GB

– Downloads 1,000,000,000+

Recent time it is the most popular games. The game played by teenage people mainly. The demand of this increased for its beautiful graphics. So if you are a pc or android phone user. Don’t waste time download the game and enjoy it.

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