Ridmik keyboard app impotent features, tips and tricks

Now  time to smartphone and this time messaging service is the most popular thing. All smartphone user need to type and text message for so many reason more or less. For typing they need a good keyboard. All device has a own keyboard especially English. But some user wants to wright Bangla. For that reason, they need to use an another Bangla keyboard. Now I’m going to talk about such a free good and popular Bangla keyboard for your smartphone. The keyboard name is Ridmik keyboard. It will let you to write Bangla and English as well as Bangla phonetic.

What is Ridmik keyboard?

Ridmik keyboard is normally keyboard app for writing English and Bangla and phonetic Bangla. The keyboard app allows to type direct Bangla, English, as well as phonetic and Avro Bangla. We may know about different types of Bangla keyboard. But the keyboard is very special and unique features and design then another’s keyboard apk. even the keyboard will remind your text, you can use those text after sometime for saving time. And the users’ favorite features are emoji. Thousands of emoji available on the app. share fillings by send emoji. And most impressive feature is voice typing. You can type by your voice. Yes, if you want you can type anything just voice. Hold on the voice button and say anything like G board.

How to use and setup?

The most import question is how to  set up the keyboard app? lots of use don’t know how to set up the app first time. So that they fill tension to use it then uninstall the app. so that now you need to know properly how to setup and the application.

  • First you need to open the app there is a setup button just click on.
  • After hit on the setup button select the Ridmik keyboard option.
  • Select Ridmik keyboard and then finish.

After setup just you need to type anywhere on your device. Even if you want you can change the keyboard anytime. As well as it has own setting and lots of features. if you want you can customize and edit the keyboard setting and make it a new design and color.

Ridmik keyboard features:

Every keyboard app try to provide a won and unique features and setting. Such as the keyboard apk has some unique and amazing features those makes it more useful and popular. 

  • Typing Bangla in Bangla: you can type anything in direct Bangla. Write everything by your own language.
  • English typing: As we as the keyboard has englaish features. you can type first English by the keyboard like  another popular keyboard.
  • Phonetic Bangla:  you can type phonetics Bangla. It’s a most popular features.
  • Word save and suggestion:   when you type the keyboard read and remember your word and suggest you for type more first and you can save your word and paragraph to send.
  • Change keyboard bangla, English, Ridmik by just swiping.
  • So many them and color available. Edit your favorite color and keyboard size.
  • Emoji: thousands of free emoji available on the keyboard app.
  • Voice typing features.
  • Ads free and save
  • Also so many features and setting available and day by day it has been updating and adding new features.

Important file information for Ridmik keyboard: 

When you search on online by Ridmik keyboard you may see lots of site and app link. Some site provide fake like and fake keyboard also another version of app. for that reason we are providing here some file information of original Ridmik keyboard app. so that you can know the original app.

File name: Ridmik keyboard

Category: keyboard app

Version: latest

File size: version with device.

Last update: march 5, 2020.

Android requirements: minimum 4.1 and up

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