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We all heard more about Twitter and know about it. It is a website of social interaction and micro blogging By which a user can exchange maximum 140 characters. Nowadays Twitter has become so popular that everyone’s curiosity on Twitter is increasing day by day. There are many countries in the world where a lot people use  it but in some countries it is not used too much. It is not used extensively because the knowledge of people is limited about it.

Twitter Apk Free Download

What is twitter: Twitter is basically a social networking service By which people of the whole world can communicate with each other. It can be called a community system with friends and strangers spread over the world. This is a daily meeting where everyone updates daily or their own location in one or two line messages. Twitter’s message can be the highest 140 words or less so it’s called a micro blogging site.

twitter downloader apk free download

Short History of Twitter: Firstly, in March 2006, Twitter started its journey. But in July 2006, Jacques Doris formally inaugurated it. Since its inception, it has gained wide popularity all over the world. According to a Statistics of 31 October 2010, twitter accounts for more than 175 million members. According to the same statistics, almost six million tweets of the message were published daily in it.

The rules for opening a Twitter account:

Like other social media, Twitter accounts are very easy to open.

  • First of all, go to any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer from your computer or Android phone.
  • After opening the web browser, enter and go to the address.
  • After clicking on the sign up button, open a Twitter account with the information you need. Phone Verification is a very important matter when opening an account. Verify the phone number by entering Code with your personal phone number.
  • This account usually works on the user name and sets a user name of your choice.
  • Now you can include various types of information which you want in your account.
  • After setting up the profile picture in the account and after incorporating other information, your account is completely registered.
  • Now you can view different pages from your account and able to post on it.

Why use twitter:  In social media it is a medium through the news spread quickly around the world. There are many reasons for using Twitter, that why it has got a lot of popularity today. First of all, if you find the option of Face book you can use Twitter.  Besides, it is a good platform for learning English.

If you have expertise in English then you will find some of the best jokes in life in it. Generally, Twitter is considered for extra-ordinary or loyal people. So you have to use twitter to get some information about people to join or get information about them. Above all, an address is created by Twitter, where you can share your daily important news and opinion.

Most of the people do not know exactly how to use Twitter apk But it turns out that those who work on Internet social marketing really need to have basic knowledge about it. According to social media experts, 43% of social media people works on Twitter apk and it’s the third place in the social community that why we need to know more about twitted. According to another report, Twitter’s Alexi Ranking is the 13th social media marketing.

Important feature of twitter:                          

  • Sign up option: You can easily open a Twitter account through any type of browser or twitter app. Here you need to mention your name email and password.
  • Tweet: You can use up to 140 characters to tweet. In the middle of it you will be able to use a link, username, #tag, and other information.
  • Retweet: Generally, the retweet means that someone has done it before and you tweet the same information again. If you want to retweet you need to follow RT > space > @stars or click on the retweet link.
  • @connect: To see what your friends are doing to you personally, click on @Connect at the top of your account. If you want to tweet someone, please enter @username and connect with them.
  • Timeline: Find out what your favorite sports, news, politics and entertainment. Enjoy dynamic media like photos, videos, and GIFs.
  • Notification: You can see who started to follow you, like your tweet or retweet.
  • Profile: Customized your profile, photo, description location and other.
  • Twitter apk allows making group conversation.

Twitter apk file information: Twitter apk can be used by using ask or through browser. But android app is mainly used by user for easy way to manages. Updated android based file information of twitter you can see below.

  • Version: 7.90.0-release.44
  • Updated on: Apr 8, 2019
  • Downloads: 5, 00,000,000+ downloads
  • Download size: 17.46 MB
  • Offered by: Twittering.
  • Released on: Apr 30, 2010

Twitter for ions and windows: It is not only Smartphone twitter can be used in pc like windows 7, 8, 10. Beside twitted developed an ions system based application. So Apple phone user can easily install the application in third phone and enjoy it.

  • Last updated on May 5, 2016.
  • Operating system is ions
  • Developer company is twittering.
  • File size is only 16.9 MB
  • Downloads copy almost 2,184
  • License is Freeware

From 2010 to now it has made a great change is social media activities. Now people of all ages are very attracted to open a twitter accent. For that people third party application is very useful. Among different third party application two are mostly popular.

– Twitter Fox: You need to download a browser plug-in and then you can use it easily.

– Tweet deck: This is a very nice site that allows you to use a few accounts together.

So you can enjoy the site where you are mostly comfortable. Stay with twitter and its updated feature. Thank you.

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