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Nowadays, all mobile phone users and computers use to know about UC Browser. The Browser is very popular in a mobile browser. China Mobile Internet Company UC Web originally brought The Browser to market in 2004. In the first case The Browser was created to Java only.  But later on it works is much more extensive. It is now used in Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian Java, Blackberry Smartphone. UC Browser use day by day is becoming more widespread and popularity is increasing. All types of people from small to old are now very aware of The Browser and its users are also number one.

Important information about UC Browser:

  • Alibaba Group, the original inventor of The Browser. But its development organization was UC Web.
  •  Use The Browser as the slogan of the UC Browser in the hands of the world.
  • This popular website comes in the market on August 2004
  •  The Browser regularly updates their browser and their latest version was on 28 April 2016.
  • Nearly all types of platforms are used in UC Browser, among them one of the iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows RT, s60, J2ME, Microsoft windows and so on.

State Counter releases a statistic in 2015 and according to their estimates the number of users of The Browser is second in browser market.

What is UC Browser:

 Web browser is a computer program by which we can visit any type of website on the internet and we can take necessary actions. UC Browser is such kind of things by which users can enjoy all types of browsing facilities like Google chrome. Using The Browser, the user can find information on all types of internet pages, from all kinds of downloading and much more.

Use of UC browser:

 Slow Internet often puts people in various problem. But UC Browser plays an important role in downloading on the slow interne. Basically the Browser reduces the resolution of the web page, which makes the webpage much lighter, so browsing through it is very fast.

By using UC user can enjoy so many advantage like

  • Various types of sticker that can be share with friends.
  •  Web browsing experience can be upgraded.
  • Fast download audio, video and file or app.
  •  Cricket card feature.
  •  Data saving mode
  •  Ad block
  • Facebook mode, video all tastes
  • Night mode option.

Basic feature of the browser:

This browser developed in China has some great features for download and browsing.

1. Using UC reduces the usage of data during the download. There is a lot of time when the User’s phone does not have enough data but the user wants to download a favorite movie, file. The solution is very easy through the Browser. Extra data is not required by saving the file on u disk that you want to download. Later users can download it from u disk or use it online.

2. To check the cut notifications: Many times the user clears any important notifications by mistake But the Browser is giving its easy solution. To see the clean-up notification again just go menu> settings >notification.

3. Use of UC Browser to convert webpage to PDF file: Different times a user may need to convert a page to a PDF file.

4. To scan the QR code: You have to go to scan the QR code from the browser Manu > tools >

QR Scanner.

5. Helps find something specific on web pages: By installing Fine In-page Add-Sync e when browsing a very large webpage Very easy to find topic, line or keyword.

6. Very easy to find topic line or keyword: If you have trouble viewing Bengali words while browsing, then change a small setting and fix it and that is Manu > settings > customize > bitmap fonts option and then save.

7. Night mode browser: Night mode plays a very effective role in browsing the night.

8. To sync devices: Browsing history, book mark password used in the phone or other devices on the PC, tab can be used through synchronization. After clicking on menu option and clicking on history and bookmark you need to login to UC account at the sync option.

9. Hidden browsing: By activating the Incognito option, the user may be away from recording his search history or browsing history.

UC browser file information:

Version of the app:

Last updated on: Apr 8, 2019

Download size of the application: 45.75 MB.

Offered by: UCWeb Inc.

The application released on: Oct 25, 2011.

Downloads: 5, 00,000,000+ downloads.

If you want to know more about this browser you can use social media like

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UCBrowser

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UCBrowser

Tumblr: http://blog.ucweb.com/

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ucwebvideo

UC browser for the pc

The browser is very popular not only smartphone but also in PC. There are huge amount of people who use this browser as an alternative of google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Some interesting pc version feature of the browser is

  • Speed boost
  • Video Grabber
  •  Pop-out-video.
  • Built-in Ad block.
  •  Mouse gesture.

PC version of the browser is 6.12909.1603

Offered by: UCWeb Inc.(freeware)

File size: 1.33MB

Language: English

Operating system: Windows

UC Browser popularity and usage in the modern era of this technology is increasing day by day. The main reason behind this is the excellent features of this Browser and its superfast speed. In the coming days, UC Browser is going to include some nice features inside their browsers like video speed mode and enjoy sharing. Video speed mode will help to get rid of video buffering and enjoy sharing help to share news, videos and pages with friends. So it is said that UC Browser is going to include some good features for users. Enjoy the browser and stay with this. Thank you.

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