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Are you looking for the best video downloader app?  If you looking for the best video downloader app, now I will say you such an app name that is one of the best and firster app for video downloading. Vidmate is one of the popular video downloader app. The app’s popularity increase day by day. About all of the people already know about vidmate. Maybe you already know about vidmate. However, today I’m going to tell you some information about vidmate. If you read this full article you will know what is vid mate, how to use & how to get also download this app, file information, features, etc. so let’s start.

Basically, vidmate is one of the known apps for video downloading that app support 1000+ website including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, Tumblr, etc. this is HD video downloader app can download any quality video like 360P, 480P, 720, MP4, MP3, MA4, 144P, 240, 1080 ETC. You can download any quality video that you want. Even you can convert video to audio if you want. The vidmate allows more than 200 platforms for downloading. You can download video, audio, song, movie, etc.

VidMate youtube downloader

Vidmate youtube downloader download

What is Vidmate:

This is a free video download app that supports more than 1000 sites. This is an old and trusted app for downloading. The vidmate has been winning people’s minds for some years. This app is the first attraction, this is free. The app user about 600 million+ from more than 100 countries. You can download the video as much as you want for free. This app very first and save your data. It’s not only a video downloading the app but also uses more than 200 platforms. You can use YouTube on your vid mate app just like original YouTube. You will get short videos and music videos from here. This app best for downloading videos from YouTube.

About all people use YouTube. When they like a video, they want to get the video on mobile. But YouTube doesn’t have a download option that’s why users can’t download and don’t watch offline. If you want to download videos and want to see offline, you will need vid mate.  When you use vidmate, you can download the video. The app supported your memory card for downloading.

 How to use vidmate?

Are you want to use vidmate? Don’t worry its uses is very easy. If you are an Android user just you need an internet connection to use vid mate. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t use this app. You will be able to use mobile data or W-IFI.

  • Open vid mate, get too many sites.
  • Choice your site what you want to use and click on
  • Get video list see the video, you will get a scarce bar you will be able to scarce your favorite video clicks on scarce bar write your video name and scarce
  • When will your scarce video, open the video
  • You can see the video on vid mate.
  • If you want to download a video, you will get a download icon right corner of down.
  •  Click the download icon.
  •  Gat video quality list choice your quality and hit on.
  • Waiting for downloading you will get your video after a few minutes.  
  • When complete download you can see the video offline anytime, anywhere without an internet connection.

How to download vid mate on your android device? 

If you are an android user, you need to download vid mate. You can download vidmate many ways. Right now vidmate is not available on google play store. You can download vid mate from an unknown source.  Also, the easiest way is 9 app. You will be able to download this app from 9app.

  • Go to 9app store.
  • Have a scarce icon click on
  • Writhe on vid mate
  • Get vid mate icon app
  • Click to open and hit download baton and waiting for download
  • After a few minutes’ complete downloads

Vidmate features:

  • First download: download time is very important. Always user wants the first-speed app for download app. Although you have a slow internet connection, it will work super first.  
  • For free: If you use vid mate, you don’t need any cost.
  • Get Huge collection audio & video: you will get huge collection here even can use any platform within more than 200 sites.
  • Get a pause and resume option. As you have a pause and resume option, you can use it when you need to pause & resume.  
  • Popper quality video: you will get high-quality videos like 780p, HD 1020p, BluRay.
  • Support huge language including English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, etc.
  • Find short video, news, Bollywood, Tollywood interesting, entertaining posts. 
  • Save data

High-quality video supported: Well quality more enjoy. We always want to get high-quality video. Why? Because, when we see a high-quality video, we most enjoy. We can see the video on android device 360p, 680p up to 720p. If you want to get the more quality full video you will need a computer. When you use a computer, you will get more HD quality videos like 720p, 1080p. You can see the low quality video. Vidmate not for just downloading video it also allows play video.

Why you use vidmate: For so many reasons you can use vidmate. Basically first you can use it for downloading the video. You will get the first service and you don’t need any extra MB for use. It has more than 200 platforms for using you will be able to use any sites. Also, it’s safe for your device.

Vidmate for pc/windows/laptop: can you use vidmate on the window? Yes, this app supported windows. This app is available any windows including windows 7,8,9,10. If you use this application on your windows, you will get a more high-quality video.

After all, it is the best downloader app still now. If you want any information about vidmate, please comment on us. Thank for reading.

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