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Communication to other by mobile apps is a common matter in the present world. People use various kind of apps to connect with others. WhatsApp is such kind of Apps that is used to messaging to others. A lot of people of different age used WhatsApp for sharing their feelings. It helps to make bonding with others. Although WhatsApp first launched in 2009 in a short time they get position on peoples mind. All the characteristics that related to WhatsApp help to make this standard position.

Whatsapp apk app download

What is WhatsApp

This messenger is basically a free messaging app. WhatsApp is used to send and receive calls, photos, videos, documents and voice messages. People easily receive these opportunities for massaging and calling to friends and family. The important thing is that App can be used in Android, ios, micro-soft device. If there is a net connection one can easily use these Apps. Almost 1.5 billion monthly user of this App.

How to download WhatsApp

There are a different way to download WhatsApp app. But google play store is the easiest way to download it. If you have net connection, first of all, you need to go google play store. Then you search WhatsApp. You can easily find out this App. Here you also can saw the full information about Application. Different types of review make you more confident about using the app. Not only google play store, this app is also available in “9 apps” and others site. So which site you think easy and comfortable you can easily download the app from there. 

How to use WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp is a very easy task. First of all you need to download the app. When you download it you need to install in your device. Now you need to create an account by using some information. Here is an important task is using a phone number. Because when you want to create an account the app want a phone number for verification. This App gives a verification code in your phone number. Then you submit the code. Now your account is verified. If you want you can edit your information as you like. So do not be panic to use the very simple way.

Basic features of WhatsApp

WhatsApp the new wonder included some interesting features that’s why this app going to more popular.

Simple, Reliable Messaging system: Free massaging to your family and friends. If you have only net connection you don’t need to fee. You can contract with others sending and receiving text massage.

Groups to keep in touch with chat: Keep in touch with the groups of people helps to create bonding and refreshing the mind. WhatsApp included group chat option by which you can join your family or coworkers as a group. Almost 256 people can able to keep connection each other in a group. With group chats, you can share messages, photos, and videos files stickers and so on. Not only this you can also change the name your group, mute or customize notifications and some effects that makes the group page more attractive.

WhatsApp on web and computer: Through this you can sync all the chats and information to your computer.

Speak Freely: WhatsApp used two things in their app audio calling, and video calling. By using audio calls you can call to your friends without any charge just only data. Video calling is more interesting because here you can make face to face conversation. So where you are that is not a problem because you have a WhatsApp account. Just go the app and make video call that very realistic. Phone calling expensive so WhatApp is the best solution.

Security by Default: Some people shared personal and moments to others. So they need to more safety. WhatsApp built end-to-end encryption into the latest versions. When end-to-end encrypted your personal massage and calling records are more secured that only you can see and listen this. No one can hampered you in personal moments.

Photos and videos sharing: You can send and receive a lot of photos and videos from others. WhatsApp give the service of large video sharing file.

Documents sharing: Students and others businessman need to share pdf, documents, spreadsheets, slide shows and so on. Here you can share this file easily to others.

Say What’s On Your Mind: Just one tap you can record voice and sent to others. This can be say that short time but long story sharing.

WhatsApp stickers: Stickers help to refresh your mind. A lot of stickers you can get here.

File information

Version: 2.19.17

Updated on: Jan 22, 2019 Download size : 19.63 MB

Offered by: WhatsApp Inc.

Website: Official Website

Released on: Oct 18, 2010

Downloads: 1,000,000,000+downloads

Phone internet connection: 4G/3G/2G, EDGE, and others.

ios version: 2.17.22

ios version released: 05-03-2017

Licence model: Freeware

Language: English

Publisher: WhatsApp Inc.

Total downloads:70743.

Pc version: 0.3.1847

Available for: os Windows 10, Mac

Language: English

Downloads: 11M

WhatsApp for Android

Almost all educated people have an Android smartphone now. WhatsAp is made for android mainly. Android user who can easily download the app from google play store or another site. The android App updated on Jan 22, 2019. The file is not so large and it can be used kit-kat version and up to all version. Every updated time they included more features. Just install the app in your android and enjoy the app. If you have this app update and enjoy more opportunities.

WhatsApp for ios

2.17.22 version for i-phone OS. If you have an i-phone in there you can use this app. ios version released on 05.03.2017. Almost 70743 people download the app for using.

If you want to adapt with present world you must need to make a strong communication skill. WhatsApps is very helpful for build up this communication. Share your moments and make good relationship with friends and families. So download the WhatsApp app and stay with this. Thank you.

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