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If you are a smartphone user you can think a day without YouTube now. YouTube has reached an apex position. Nowadays who use a smartphone he must be access YouTube. From teen to old, middle-aged people are like YouTube very much. Several kinds of videos like informative and entertaining, funny things, news-based, songs, movies users can enjoy from here. It is a part of google organization so it contains all types of videos like google search engine information. Smartphone, personal computer, windows phone, tablet all the device supported by YouTube.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is basically video sharing service where user can watch videos, like, comment, share and upload own videos of user. It contains lots of features that make it more interesting.

  • Users can search for videos or watch videos from here.
  • Users can create a personal account and upload videos.
  • Here user can like, comment. Share videos of another channel.
  • There is also a dislike option so the user can dislike videos if he wants.
  • Users can subscribe or follow other YouTube channels.
  • Here users can create playlists to organize videos or group videos and furthered watch.

Short history of YouTube:

YouTube first established in 2005. The founder of YouTube was Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley. All of them worked at PayPal. In April 2005 the first video uploaded on the website site by Karim. When they succeed then they officially start their journey in December 2005. After one year google bought the site by $1.64 billion dollars. In 2007 YouTube spread more than 8 countries including the UK. After that, they updated their site still now they including more features into their site.

How to use YouTube:

Here you can enjoy mainly two options.

  • First, you watch other people‚Äôs videos.
  • Secondly, you can upload your own videos.

All the devices like android, iOS, windows phone, and personal computer support YouTube. If you any device you can enjoy the site very smoothly.

  • You know that google is the mother company of YouTube. If you want to use the site you need to create a channel that means sign up. You need a Gmail account to sign up for the site. By using Gmail you can create custom channels.
  • You need to one click to play the video. If you want you can search for any videos on the search icon.
  • You can save videos for viewing later.
  • The comment option allowed you to make any time of the comment.
  • You can Rate the videos that you have watched.
  • Just create a playlist and watch more videos.
  • Upload funny, entertain or any type of legal videos for others to watch.
  • You can operate your own channel as you like.

Basic feature of YouTube:

YouTube updates their site day by day so they add some unique features.

  • Search any type of video using the search icon that is top of the site.
  • Browse personal recommendations on the home tab.
  • Subscribe any video channel and press on the bell icon for getting new videos of that channel.
  • Watch later icon used to enjoy the video for later.
  • You can share the video by a tap on the share icon.
  • Like and dislike option that is used to like any video or dislike any videos.
  • The inbox option shows how many videos you watch last time.
  • 8. In library option, you can found – History option
  • My videos
  • Watch later
  • Liked videos
  • Playlist.
  • 9. Playlist used to reserve the video that you watch.
  • By using the quality option you can reduce or increase video resolution.

Some updated feature of YouTube:

  • Improvement comments
  • Subscriber Notification
  • New types of Card
  • Easier Access to Subs feed.
  • A Faster, More Useful Creator Studio app.
  • Video management on the go
  • 360- Degree videos supported
  • Live stream better
  • New creator community.

Google search engine care about the YouTube video site so they try to add more feature. If the feature adds this site turns more attractive.

YouTube file information:

Offered by: Google LLC.

Relapsed on: Oct 20, 2010

Updated on: Feb 8, 2019

Version: 14.06.54

Updated size: 24.84MB

Downloads: 5,000,000,000+ downloads

Rate: Rated for 12+

File information for iOS:

Size: 254.8MB almost

Comparability: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Age rating: You must be at least 17 years old to download the app.

Language: More than 120 language

Copyright: @ Google Inc.

YouTube for iOS: If you are an i-phone user no problem. The App Store is ready for you. You can create an account by using Gmail and enjoy the site.

YouTube for kids: A very interesting thing is that YouTube makes an app for kids. It tries to include some kids entertaining videos and educative videos. Whose age is under 12 years she/he can use this app. Interesting cartoon videos, games videos help the parents make their child happy. More than 50,000,000 people download the app for their children.

Funny videos, sports-related videos, movie trailer, drama, video song and all the educative things you can get easily from it. YouTube site demand increased day by day. Every time new people join here and manage the app his own way. When the founder uploads their first video on YouTube about 1 million people watch the video. After this success, they are not behind and now they reach this position. Here user can share his choice videos to other friends. So all the people can be interconnected by this site. By using live streaming procedure people from all over the world enjoy live news, sports at one time. If you want you can be a famous you tuber in the future. So stay with YouTube freely. Thank you.

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